Welcome to the Soul Xperience!

soulxlogoWelcome to the Rebirth of Cool! This Lifestyle Entertainment choice is for the Urban Professional, the Soul Music Lover, the Fashionista, the Smooth Dancer & Trendsetter, that Connoisseur of Cosmopolitan Living who has a craving for mature recreational options that incorporate Real Music, Chic Fashion & Soulful Dancing with a Sophisticated Flair!

The Soul Xperience is the “marked” spot for a culmination of upscale experiences, products and services. It is an entertainment lifestyle choice that promotes the Best of Us…in Haute Fashion, Unique Metropolitan Venues, inspiring sounds of Neo-Soul & Soul-infused Hip Hop-Hop Music, and Smooth Couple dancing, ‘Soul Swing’, while networking at a Fly & Fashionable event. Here, standing around looking cute is not the status quo. We are the total experience! We are the Urban Renaissance!


The Soul Xperience entertainment choice is a commitment to seeking out, developing & experiencing “good taste” in all of our choices, via quality offerings for those who have become exhausted with the norms of the “same ‘ol scene” with a different theme. Its for those who are unapologetic for “growing up” & who are ready for a journey that reflects all facets of their lives. It means that we’ve learned from our experiences & are taking it to the next level! We’ve accomplished some things and it needs to show!